Premium Programs &Short Term Courses for Business Owners...

Premium Programs

Ideal Business Program

The Foundations Program will teach you the fastest way to grow your business with best-practise systems.

It’s like an MBA for business owners using your business as the case study. All content has been field tested over a decade and represents the best method of getting fast, tangible and bankable results for business owners. No matter how large or small the business, the owner will benefit and learn from the curriculum.

1:1 Premium Program

Our premium programs are operatedone-on-one with our clients either in-person or on Zoom (depending on logistics and selection of premium program).

Bronze Program

  • Includes all parts of the Foundation Program (curriculum above) The program also provides once a month Strategy Session to provide advice, answer questions, problem solve, trouble shoot, check progress and develop opportunities Bronze Program is perfect for businesses with 1-3 team members

Silver Program

  • Many business owners will need an intensive program to address the many issues and opportunities that arise from running their business.
  • The program provides a comprehensive strategy session twice a month to assist with progress and growth.
  • Silver Programs give a high level of communication between client and advisor outside of the session times as required.
  • The program also has full access to the Foundations Curriculum as described above.
  • Silver Program is perfect for businesses with 3-30 team members.

Gold Program

  • In Gold Program there is a specific focus on the team especially for those businesses who either have or are developing management teams.
  • Presentations and Facilitation with the team as a group are key components of the Gold Program.
  • This program can also provide a Professional Development program with the team (details below).
  • Team programs allows the business owner to focus more heavily on building and managing culture as well as KPI’s.
  • Together with the focus on teams, this program provides comprehensive planning and strategy sessions for advice and management of the strategic business plan.
  • The program also has full access to the Foundations Curriculum as described above.

Professional Development Program

Today’s environment for recruiting and retaining team members is a very different one compared to years gone by.

All business owners have no choice but to deal with the skills shortage, the cost-of-living crisis and mental health issues. These are over and above the usual management challenges of ensuring a stable work-force with team members that perform the required duties of their role.

Being able to have a trusted advisor to operate a Professional Development program allows business owners to focus on performance while ensuring the team are being provided for as well. The program gives each member of the team tools and training to understand how to utilise their personal strengths and attributes, together with how to maintain high levels of motivation and performance.

Short Term Courses

Scale Your Talent


  • Building your team with the best people using the 9 attraction tools
  • Establishing job descriptions, procedures and scoreboards for monitoring your team
  • Templating for ads, pre-screening, interviewing, inductions and performance reviews

Sharpen Your Margins


  • Calculating the degree of ‘Margin Squeeze’ in your business with how to fix it immediately
  • Assessing your pricing system and implementing key strategies to boost your profitability
  • Analysing your cash flow and identifying the tactics to unblock the cash in your business

Master Your Marketing


  • Utilising your networks (including your clients) for referrals, alliances and JVs
  • Establishing an online presence even if you’re not a marketer
  • Generating high quality clients from your online presence and social platforms

Upsize Your Sales


  • Developing your influence skills to convert clients into high value services
  • Building a sales pipeline with techniques that create professional authority for you
  • Handling objections and overcoming price resistance with simple to use scripts

The Alignment Session

  • Together we’ll build your personalised plan for the goals you have for your business.
  • Reviewing your pricing and services suite with your staffing and systemising needs.

The Hourly Rate Challenge

  • These are fortnightly 90-minute intensives that establish the fundamentals of your business in 6 specialised sessions.
  • The 6 sessions include topics such as The Time Audit, The Price Play, The Leader Profile each designed to provide you with actionable tasks for rapid results.
  • The results from these 6 sessions will easily pay for the 12-month program.

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