Your Local Advisor

IntroducingMichael Phelan

In my experience with businesses, I have found you don’t know what you don’t know. This leads to struggles with efficiency, time, teams and money.

I have been both an owner and leader of organisations. I have experienced the trials and tribulations faced by the modern business owner and entrepreneur.

I love the game of business. I love the challenge. I love the opportunity. I love the growth and change you have to go through to be successful.

This is why I became a Business Advisor.

I give business owners the tools to grow their businesses. This allows them to find balance, abundance and success in their lives.

My career has exposed me to all facets of running and scaling a succesful business. From a not for profit organisation, to multi-million dollar per year retail stores, regional SME’s and my own web and digital agency.

I specialise in coaching and training across a wide range of skills, including;
– digital technologies / web / IT
– sales
– team building
– leadership
– HR
and development, along with many others.

My goal is to teach and implement proven business systems, principles and methodologies to as many businesses as possible.

I want to help regional businesses and their owners not just survive, but thrive. I aim to help business owners live their dreams and achieve their goals, both professionally and personally.